Fill Solid (V-122)

Plastic pen available in 10 colors
Fill Solid (V-122)Fill Solid (V-122)
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Χρώματα - Colors
Τύπωμα (κλιπ) - Print (clip)
Fill Solid (V-122) μαύρο
Fill Solid (V-122) μπλε
Fill Solid (V-122) γαλάζιο
Fill Solid (V-122) μπλέ σκούρο
Fill Solid (V-122) πράσινο
Fill Solid (V-122) πορτοκαλί
Fill Solid (V-122) ροζ
Fill Solid (V-122) κόκκινο
Fill Solid (V-122) λευκό
Fill Solid (V-122) κίτρινο

Colorful solid clip, colorful solid barrel


Imprint possibilities: 5 positions

Α: clip: dimensions 40 Χ 7 mm

Β1: barrel: dimensions 50 Χ 7 mm
Β2: barrel: dimensions 50 Χ 7 mm
Β3: barrel: dimensions 50 Χ 7 mm
Β4: barrel: dimensions 50 Χ 7 mm


Blue (standard)
Black (option)


box of 100 pcs - 850 grams - dimensions: 10 Χ 15 Χ 16 cm
pack of 2500 pcs - 22 kg - dimensions: 31  Χ 61 Χ 37 cm

  • The cost of the imprints is for 1.000 pieces for printing one side or 500 pieces for printing on both sides. The cost of printing smaller amounts is minimum 40 euros.


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