Polo (V-101)

Plastic pen available in 7 colors
V-101 PoloV-101 Polo
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Χρώματα - Colors
Τύπωμα (κλιπ) - Print (clip)
Τύπωμα (B1) - Printing (B1)
Τύπωμα (Β2) - Printing (B2)
V-101 Polo P1 blue - μπλε
V-101 Polo P2 green - πράσινο
V-101 Polo P3 red - κόκκινο
V-101 Polo P4 orange - πορτοκαλί
V-101 Polo P5 yellow - κίτρινο
V-101 Polo P7 white - λευκό
V-101 Polo P8 black - μαύρο
V-101 Polo art
V-101 Polo art
V-101 Polo art

P1 to P5: pen with white barrel, colorful transparent clip and button.
P7: pen with white body, clip and button.
P8: pen with black body, clip and button.

Inprint possibilitiew: 5 areas

Α: clip: 35 Χ 7 mm
Β1: barrel: 50 Χ 7 mm
Β2: barrel: 45 Χ 7 mm
Β3: barrel: 50 Χ 7 mm
Β4: barrel: 50 Χ 7 mm


Blue (standard)
Black (order)


box 50 pcs - 440 gr. 9,5 Χ 15 Χ 8,5 cm
box 1000 pcs - 11 kgs - 32 Χ 50 Χ 20 cm

  • The printing price is for 1.000 pcs with imprint of one side or 500 pcs for two sides. For smaller ammounts the printing cost is 40 € minimum.




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